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The objective of this Guide, as set forth in Rule 1.01,"is to bring together in one document, for the benefit of the bench and bar, New York's existing rules of evidence, setting forth each rule with a note on the sources for that rule.  Given that most of New York's evidentiary rules are not codified and that the New York Court of Appeals provides the controlling interpretation of the New York State constitution, statutes and common law, this Guide places particular emphasis on and adheres to the controlling precedents of the New York Court of Appeals. Finally, the rules of evidence set forth in this Guide are not intended to alter the existing law of New York evidence and shall not be construed as doing so or as precluding a change in the law."

This Guide is presently a work in progress. The Committee on the Guide to New York Evidence will publish additional rules as they are completed. The initial numbering  of the rules skips every other number to allow the insertion of additional rules as necessary.

The Committee wishes to acknowledge, with thanks, the editorial assistance of the State Reporter, William J. Hooks, and the members of his office.


New York Unified Court System Guide To NY Evidence Committee

Hon. William C. Donnino
Hon. Susan Phillips Read*

Professor Michael J. Hutter
Albany Law School


Shane T. Hegarty


Hon. Lucy Billings
Hon. John Brunetti
Hon. Fernando Camacho
Hon. Felix Catena
Hon. Mark Cohen
Hon. Daniel Conviser
Hon. Thomas Franczyk
Hon. Bernard Fried*
Hon. Judith Gische
Hon. Teresa Johnson
Hon. Barry Kamins*
Hon. John Leventhal
Hon. Martin Marcus
Hon. Robert Miller
Hon. Mary Work*

* Retired