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New York StateUnified Court System

Financial Planning & Control Manual

Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction/Table of Contents

Part II. New York State Financial Cycle

Part III. Budget Preparation Procedures

1.000 Trial Courts and Agency Budget Manual - Introduction
2.000 Judiciary Budget Process
3.000 Court and Agency Budget Request
4.000 Review Agency Budget Request

Part IV. Accounting Policies and Procedures

1.000 Encumbrances & Expenditures
2.000 Vouchering (Under Development)
3.000 Revenue Collection and Processing Procedures
4.000 Advance Accounts

Part V. Purchasing and Contract Procedures*

Part VI. Travel Rules

1.000 Travel Rules for Nonjudicial Employees
2.000 Judicial Travel Rules

Part VII. Inventory Controls

Part VIII. (For Future Use)

Part IX. Contractual Security Services

1.000 Internal Controls Contractual Security Services
2.000 Contracts with Not-For-Profit Providers

Part X. On-Line Budget/Accounting Systems

Part XI. Bulletins


* This section has been replaced by the Unified Court System's Purchasing and Contract Procedures Manual issued by the Division of Administrative Services