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Joel Stashenko, Courts Approve Increase in CLE Bonus for Lawyers who Offer Pro Bono Services, N.Y.L.J., Mar. 9 2012, available at

New York Law Journal, OCA Launches New Website for Emeritus Program, N.Y.L.J, Jan. 24, 2012, available at

Denise M. Champagne, State Hopes More Attorneys will Join ‘Pro Bono’ Program, DAILY RECORD (May 24, 2011, 4:00pm), available at

Joel Stashenko, Lippman Encourages More Civil Pro Bono, N.Y. L.J., Jan. 28 2011.

Linda Kostin, Retired Eastman Kodak General Counsel is First VLSP Volunteer to Enroll in Attorney Emeritus Program in Rochester, 19 PRO BONO NEWS, no. 1, Fall/Winter 2010, at 12, available at

Noeleen G. Walder, Chief Judge Expands Reach of 'Emeritus' Pro Bono Effort, N.Y. L.J., Oct. 26, 2010.

Press Release, New York State Unified Court System, Attorney Emeritus Program Expanded, Receives “Bright Ideas” Award from Harvard Kennedy School (Oct. 25, 2010), available at

Linda Kostin, Pro Bono Spotlight: A New Status Symbol for Attorneys, DAILY RECORD (July 8, 2010, 5:28pm), available at

Jeff Storey, Lippman Boosts Efforts to Tap Retired Lawyers for Pro Bono, N.Y. L.J., May 25, 2010, available at

John Feerick and Fern Schair, Appointed to Advisory Council, FORDHAM LAW SCHOOL (May 20, 2010), available at

Press Release, New York State Unified Court System, Chief Judge Lippman Appoints Advisory Council to Foster Pro Bono by New York’s Most Experienced Lawyers (May 18, 2010), available at

William Glaberson, Courts Seek More Lawyers to Help the Poor, N. Y. TIMES, Jan. 6, 2010, available at