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The Civil Term Clerk’s Office is located in Room 131 (Phone: 718-675-8700).

This office contains the trial support, motion support, ex parte support and the subpoenaed records departments. All Requests for Judicial Intervention, Notes of Issues, Noticed Motions and proposed orders are filed with this office.


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The Criminal Term of the Supreme Court exercises trial jurisdiction of all offenses. It has exclusive trial jurisdiction of felonies and trial jurisdiction of misdemeanors concurrent with that of the local criminal courts. The Criminal Term of the Supreme Court exercises such jurisdiction only by reason of and through the agency of it’s grand jury. Once the grand jury has voted an indictment, the criminal matter is lifted from the jurisdiction of the local criminal court, and the defendant is arraigned on the indictment. The People; if in agreement with the defendant and with the courts consent; can file a superior court information as the basis for the prosecution of the crime. In general terms, the lower criminal court has jurisdiction to sentence a convicted defendant for a term of imprisonment of up to one year in jail. The Criminal term of the Supreme Court can sentence a convicted defendant to the maximum term of imprisonment as prescribed in the Penal Law which includes life imprisonment, and since 1996, a sentence of death.

The Criminal Term Office is located in Room 240 (Phone: 718-675-8760).

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Law Department

The Law Department performs legal research, prepares drafts and dispenses legal advice to the Justices of the Supreme Court, Richmond County.


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Law Library

The Library is located at:

25 Hyatt Street, Room 515
Staten Island, NY 10301
Phone: 718-675-8711
Fax: 718-447-6104

Hours: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm M-Fm. no afternoon hours
Closed weekends and all State & Federal Holidays

No Internet access / No outside copying

The Library's mission is to serve the bench, the bar, and the public by providing professional library services. The library staff can provide directional, bibliographic and reference assistance. However, the staff is prohibited from rendering any advice, opinion, or interpretation of the law. The user is expected to make his/her own determination of the use of the information found. The Richmond County Supreme Court Library is a non-lending reference library. However, the Judges of the Richmond Supreme Court may borrow items and any items borrowed must be properly checked out. The policy for using the computers and/or the microform reader/printers is on a first come first serve basis. Users are requested to sign in and must advise the librarian before seeking to use the computers and/or microform reader/printers. Access to computer assisted legal research (e.g. Lexis, Westlaw) is available on the Library's public access PCs. In addition to the usual legal reference materials, the Library's holdings include a large number of pre-National Reporter system cases unavailable online or in microform.

Law Librarian
Anita Postyn

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Information Technology

Phone: 718-675-8710

Sr. Lan Administrator
Li Zhang

Sr. Lan Administrator
Matthew Mullen

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Visitors must pass through a magnetometer prior to entering the facilities.


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