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Commercial Claims


All small claims matters can be filed Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. by plaintiff in person or an authorized agent of the plaintiff.

  • Filing fee:
    • $25.00 for claims plus postage. Additional postage for each additional defendant
  • Maximum amount of claim $5,000.00
  • Defendant must reside, work or have a regular place of business within the County
  • Plaintiff must be a Corporation, partnership or assignees

Information needed for filing:

  • All parties' name and address (No P.O. Box, a physical address must be provided)
  • Actual dollar amount for which you are suing
  • Reason for claim (please make as detailed as possible)

IF YOU ARE AWARDED A JUDGMENT, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COLLECT THE JUDGMENT. The booklet “A Guide to Commercial Claims in the NYS City, Town and Village Courts” is available to help explain how to enforce your judgment. The Court cannot make the party pay you.


Important Notice:

You must be prepared for your trial at your first court appearance

You should gather all the evidence necessary to prove your claim or your counter-claim. Anything that you believe may help prove the facts in dispute should be brought to Court. This includes photographs, written agreements, an itemized bill or invoice that is receipted or marked “paid”, written estimates of the cost of the service or repairs, a receipt for the purchase of an item or the payment of a dept, cancelled checks, and correspondence. Video tape can be submitted as proof (VHS tapes ONLY). If you rely on estimates, two different written itemized estimates of the cost of the service or repair are required. Testimony, including your own, is evidence. Any witness whose testimony is important to your case may testify. This can be a person who witnessed your transaction or someone whose special knowledge and experience makes him or her an expert on the cost of the service or repairs that were provided for may be required.