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Criminal/Traffic Pending Case Calendar


Fulton City Court provides an online list of all pending criminal/traffic cases with their adjourned dates and time; docket number; attorney's name and assigned Judge. The resulting list of pending cases will be available the next business day using the following link:

Criminal & Traffic Pending Cases

Should you have any questions please contact:

Fulton City Court
315-593-8400 phone
315-266-4753 fax

How to Search for a Name or Docket Number

If you are looking for a specific name or docket number in a long web page or document, you can use Quick "Find."

Step 1: With the document or web page open -- do one of the following:

Select Edit > Find in the main menu,


Press “Ctrl-f” (“Command-f” or “Apple-f” on a Mac).

Step 2: Enter the name or docket number you are looking for in the form field provided and press “Enter” or “Return”.

In most applications, the first instance of the word or phrase in the document will be highlighted.

You jump to the next instance by clicking on the right arrow found next to the search box or pressing “Ctrl-g”. Likewise you can return to an earlier instance using the left arrow or pressing “Shift-Ctrl-g”.