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Building Directories

Bronx    |   Kings (Brooklyn)   |   New York (Manhattan)    |   Queens

Bronx County

900 Sheridan Avenue
Bronx, NY 10451

Clerk of Court 8-10
Security 8A-15
Adoptions 9-33E
Court Reporters Supervisor     8A-27
Interpreter Services 7-89
Petitions 7-70
Child Support LM-26A
Record Room 8B-17
Judge Courtrooms
Part 1 7th Floor
Part 2 6th Floor
Part 3 3rd Floor
Part 4 7th Floor
Part 5 7th Floor
Part 6 7th Floor
Part 7 7th Floor
Part 8 3rd Floor
Part 9 7th Floor
Part 10 7th Floor
Part 11 7th Floor
Part 12 7th Floor
Part 13 - IDV 265 East 161st St.(Hall of Justice) -- Room 420
Part 14 7th Floor
Part 15 3rd Floor
Part 16 6th Floor
Part 17 7th Floor
Court Attorney Conference Rooms
Part 2 Conf - A 6th Floor
Part 3 Conf - A 3rd Floor
Part 5 Conf - A 7th Floor
Part 7 Conf - A 6th Floor
Part 8 Conf - A 3rd Floor
Part 9 Conf - A 7th Floor
Part 10 Conf - A 6th Floor
Part 11 Conf - A 6th Floor
Part 12 Conf - A 7th Floor
Part 14 Conf - A 7th Floor
Part 15 Conf - A 3rd Floor
Part 16 Conf - A 6th Floor
Part 17 Conf - A 7th Floor
Support Magistrates
Part 20 Lower Main
Part 21 Lower Main
Part 22 Lower Main
Lower Main Lower Main
Part 24 Lower Main
Part 25 Lower Main
Part 26 Lower Main
Part 27 Lower Main
Part 40 7th Floor
Part 41 8th Floor
Part 43 6th Floor
Part 44 3rd Floor
Part 45 6th Floor
Part 46 6th Floor
Part 47 6th Floor
Part 48 6th Floor
Part 49 3rd Floor
Part 51 3rd Floor
Part 52 6th Floor
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Kings County (Brooklyn)

330 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

1st Floor
Children's Center
3rd Floor
Dept. of Corrections
Dept. of Mental Health
Office of Children & Family Services
NYPD Warrants
NYPD Family Court Liaison
Dept. of Juvenile Justice
Legal Aid Society - Juvenile Defense
5th Floor
Court Rooms
Mediation (Permanency)
Pro Bono Project
Support Magistrates
Support Petiiton Room
6th Floor
IAP Court Rooms
Court Rooms
Custody, Visitation and Family Offense Division
Child Protective Division
7th Floor
Clerk of Court
LAN Offices
Records Divison
8th Floor
18-B Attorney Room
Court Rooms
Family Treatment Court
9th Floor
Court Reporter Supervisor
Court Rooms
10th Floor
Court Rooms
11th Floor
NYC Probation
12th Floor
Administration for Children's Services
ACS/HRA - Support Collection Unit
Safe Horizon
Community Mediation Services
NYC Law Dept. - Corporation Counsel
Legal Services New York/Brooklyn Family Defense Project
Social Worker Program
22nd Floor
Adoption Office
Court Attorneys' Offices
Judicial Chambers
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New York County (Manhattan)

60 Lafayette Street
NY, NY 10013

Judge Parts
Pt 1 4N
Pt 4 5N
Pt 5 8S
Pt 6 5N
Pt 7 4N
Pt 8 8N
Pt 9 6S
Pt 10 5S
Pt 11 5S
Judicial Hearing Officer Parts
Pt 42
Pt 50
Pt 53
Pt 90
Referee Parts
Pt 41 5A1
Pt 43 5B1
Pt 45 9S
Pt 46 9s
Pt 47 5A1
Pt 48 8N
Pt 49 5F1
Pt 51 9N
Pt 52 8S
Support Magistrate Parts
Pt 20 4D18
Pt 21 4D2
Pt 22 6N
Pt 23 4D1
Pt 61/31 8C1
Pt 62/32 8C2
Pt 63/33 8A3
Pt 64/34 8E3A
Pt 65/35 8C3A
Pt 67/37 8E1B
Pt 71/25 6N
Pt 72/36 8E2B
Pt 73/26 8E1A
Pt 74/24 8E2A
Pt 81 6S
Court Office / Agency
Adoptions 5C3
Assigned Counsel - 18B Panel Office 5D3
CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates 6C3
Center for Family Representation 1C17
Child Permanency Mediation 4E2
Child Support Enforcement 7D4
Child Support Petition Room 1C
Children and Family Services 7B20
Children's Aid Society 3C25
Children's Center, Nursery 1-15
Choices 3A20
Clerk of Court, NY County 5C1
Corporation Counsel 7A3
Court Liaisons, ACS C5
Court Reporter Supervisor's Office 6C19
Custody/Visitation Mediation 4E10
Dept. of Education 3C7
Dept. of Probation 3C
Dept. of Probation Intake 2C
Deputy Clerk of Court, NY County 5D2
Dispute Resolution 4E4
Family Assessment Program, ACS 2D3
Family Treatment Court, NY County 6B
JJI, Juvenile Justice Initiative 6C16
Lawyers for Children 6C15
Legal Aid Society 9A
Legal Aid Intake 3A23
Legal Services Project 1C1
Manhattan Misdemeanor Court 3A
Mental Health Services 6C13
Office of Legal Affairs, ACS 5E
Office of Legal Affairs, HRA 7A
Permanency Planning, NY County 5D1
Petition Room, Self Represented Division 4E19
Phoenix House 3C6
Post Court Action Processing, CAPU 4E20
Record Room, NY County 7C9
Safe Horizon 4C
Support Collection Unit, SCU 1D5
TJ's Vending/Snack Shop Lobby
Transcription Services, NY County 8D
Administrative Judge 11 floor
Chief Court Attorney Office 10th floor
Chief Clerk 11 floor
First Deputy Chief Clerk 11 floor
Deputy Chief Clerk 11 floor
Fiscal Office 11 floor
Central Administration Personnel 11 floor
Court Security Major's Office 1G
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Queens County

151-20 Jamaica Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11432

Basement Department Room
  Record Room B40
First Floor Department Room
  Help/Info Desk  
Court Officer Operations Office 105
Children's Center 180
Permanency Planning
Self Represented Services 109
Assignment Part / Part 10 110
Expedited Support Unit 103
Second Floor Department Room
  Part 1 220
Part 47 / 48 230
Part 44 240
Family Treatment Court 243
Part 5 250
Part 6 260
Part 41 270
Part 46 280
Part 4 290
Third Floor Department Room
  Part 26 / 27 3E
Part 49 3W
Part 8 320
Part 23 330
Part 24 340
Part 7 350
Part 12
Part 22 370
Part 21 380
Part 2 390
Fourth Floor Department Room
  Part 40 420
Part 25 430
Part 45 440
Part 11
Part 42 460
Part 20 470
Part 43 480
Part 9 490
Fifth Floor Department Room
  Clerk's Office 561
Agency Building  
First Floor Department Room
  Probation Department A160
Second Floor Corporation Counsel  
  Safe Horizon A270
Third Floor Administration for Children's Services A310
Fourth Floor Support Collection Unit A445
  Community Mediation Services A450
Mental Health Services A460
Legal Aid Society A480
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