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Transcription Services

(Records of Court Proceedings)

Many New York State Courts use electronic devices to record court proceedings.

To have a transcript produced from an electronically recorded matter, please contact one of the transcription services listed below.

Please note that these services are not employed as transcribers by the Unified Court System; they are independent contractors and establish their own rates. Services on this list have agreed to have their transcripts subject to random auditing by the court system and to follow the Standard Transcript Specifications set forth in the Rules of the Chief Administrator. These lists are provided merely for convenience and do not constitute a recommendation.

Services that provide transcription from the courts' digital recordings (compact discs) are denoted "digital;" those that can transcribe from 4-track tapes are denoted "Sony BM-246." Services that can handle tapes and discs reflect both designations.

You need to contact the court your case is being heard in to find out the local procedure for getting a tape or cd to your transcriber of choice.

Transcription Services

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