ORDERED, that the attorneys for the infant children, Ashley Rosado and Brian Rosado comply with SCPA §1709, and it is further ORDERED, that the distribution to Brian Rosado of his share of the proceeds from Metropolitan Insurance Company shall be deposited into an interest bearing account or certificate of deposit at Marine Midland Bank, N.A., 70 East Main Street, Westfield, New York 14787 in the names of Lyle Raynor, as legal guardian of Brian Rosado, jointly held with Marine Midland Bank N.A. subject to withdrawal only upon order of the Chautauqua County Surrogate's Court except that a Court Order is not necessary for withdrawal of funds by Brian Rosado upon proof that he has attained the age of eighteen years, and it is further

Ordered same for Ashley etc.

ORDERED, that a copy of this Order be served upon Marine Midland Bank N.A., and it is further

ORDERED, that unless otherwise directed by Hon. John T. Curtin, all applications for counsel fees and expenses shall be referred to Chautauqua County Surrogate Court as part of the ongoing estate proceedings in that Court

Dear Judge Curtin:

Re: use their caption

Pursuant to your most recent letter, I am sending part of a proposed order that you could combine with your decision. The Hon. Willard W. Cass Jr. is presently involved in the estate proceedings and has indicated he would be willing to handle the setting of fees as part of his normal determination in such matters.

Please let me know if you would like anything further.

Thank you.

Sinc JG