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We are Pleased to Announce the Following New Features:

Most recent decisions. The most recent decisions are listed in a "Browse Most Recent Decisions" file. The list provides a hypertext link to the full text of the decision. Decisions are posted as soon as they are received, in most cases within hours of their release. Decisions can be found here before they become available in other files of the Slip Opinion Service. Decisions are permanently retained in Archive files.

Case and Motion Lists. Lists for the Court of Appeals and Appellate Division, First and Second Departments, are now available in the Most Recent Decisions file.

Corrected decisions. Corrections to opinions are now available in the Most Recent Decisions file. All corrections have been approved by the court.

Unreported, or "On-line Only" decisions. The Court of Appeals has authorized a program under which trial court and Appellate Term decisions not selected for publication in the Miscellaneous Reports may be published in the Slip Opinion Service. These opinions are classified to the Official Reports Digest-Index and abstracted in the Advance Sheets.

Official Slip Opinion Citations and Pagination. All decisions published in the Slip Opinion Service are assigned an official Slip Opinion citation and internal pagination. These citations and pagination should be used pending the publication of the decision in the Official Reports. For unreported decisions, the Slip Opinion citation and pagination are permanent.

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