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Comprehensive Legal Resources
FindLaw Free access to a range of federal and state resources and materials from other countries; also offers forms for purchase more
Justia Free access to a range of federal and state resources  
LexisNexis Legal Newsroom Sign up for access to legal blogs, top cases and more  
American Law Sources Online Access to "all" free U.S., Canadian and Mexican legal resources  
Cornell's Legal Information Institute Full-service federal and state site with comprehensive Supreme Court collection more
WashLaw WEB Comprehensive site of national and state material; fine selection of Law Journals  
All Law "The Web's leading legal news and information network"  
Federal Legal Resources
Thomas Federal Bills, Congressional Record, treaties, committee reports  
Table of Popular Names of Federal Statutes The Cornell Law School's convenient table organizes federal statutes alphabetically by popular name, with entries containing their Public Law number and relevant links  
U.S. Government Printing Office Free online access to official publications from all three branches of the federal government. United States Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register, United States Court Decisions, Compilation of Presidential Documents, Congressional Bills, Congressional Documents, Congressional Hearings, Congressional Record, Congressional Reports, Economic Indicators, Public and Private Laws, Additional Government Publications Easily track the status of federal legislation, find information about the activities of Congress generally and specific members, and more  
Federal Courts Finder Comprehensive listing of federal courts  
FedWorld US Commerce Department's access point for federal information; 20 searchable databases more
Library of Congress US Constitution & Bill of Rights; search the vast government publication catalog  
Yale Law School's Avalon Project Large compilation of historical documents, e.g, Federalist Papers, presidential papers, early state constitutions  
US Department of Labor

Information about many of the major laws administered and enforced by the US Department of Labor

Free access to the Department of Labor's Wirtz Labor Library, providing the general public with a wealth of labor resources
New York State Court Resources
NY State Law Reporting Bureau Comprehensive and searchable collection of state court decisions and motions dating from 2000  
NY State Court of Appeals The past and present of New York's high court along with recent decisions  
NY State Court of Claims Cases against the State of New York  
Office of Court Administration Court information, rules and publications, featuring E-Courts case searching and tracking  
Library and Information Network Catalogs of court libraries, records & briefs, trial transcripts  
Criminal Jury Instructions Criminal charges to New York State juries  
Historical Society of the Courts of the State of NY Large library of NY judiciary historical documents, biographies of Judges, and profiles of state courts  
Forms Forms for various state actions and proceedings  

Rules of various state courts  
New York State Agency Resources
New York Codes, Rules and Regulations Complete unofficial NYCRR  
NY State Government Information Locator Service Access to a variety of state government information including agency publications  
Access to State Government Links to many state agencies  
NY State Library Home of Excelsior, an exhaustive catalog of state government documents  
New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (19 NYCRR 1219.1) Including the Residential, Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Fire, Property Maintenance and Existing Building Codes and Additional Uniform Code Provisions (19 NYCRR parts 1220-1228)  
NY State Register New York administrative rules from 2003  

Selected state agency opinions, decisions, codes and regulations  
New York State Legislative Resources
New York State Assembly Check bill text and status of current state bills  
New York State Senate Senate information, current legislation, Senate Rules, NY Constitution  
Laws of New York Browse or search New York laws courtesy of the State Legislature  
Bill Jackets/Veto Jackets Files, or “jackets,” dating from 1995-present, which document the Governor’s legislative decision-making process on bills that have been signed into law or vetoed by the executive
New York City and Other Local Sites
Official NY City Website General information on NY City; links to city agencies. more
NY City Administrative Code & Charter (Click Continue to Enter Portal) Searchable full text of codified NY City Charter, Administrative Code and Rules  
NY City Local Laws Searchable full text of NY City Local Laws, Introductions and Resolutions since 1998  
NY City Zoning Resolution Current NY City Zoning Resolution and Maps  
NY Municipal Codes Extensive collection of Municipal Codes  

County Websites  

City, Town and Village Websites  
Ethics Resources
NY State Bar Assn Ethics Opinions Advisory opinions issued by NYSBA Committee on Professional Ethics  
New York State Ethics Commission Advisory Opinions from 1988 to date  
NYC Bar Assn Committee on Professional and Judicial Ethics Opinions from 1986 to date  
Advisory Committee on Judicial EthicsBrowse or search the committee's ethical opinions 
AMA Code of Medical Ethics Policy positions of the American Medical Association  
Miscellaneous Resources
State Phone Directory Searchable phone directory of state employees (provided by the Office of Information Technology Services)  
New York State Bar Association Includes Opinions issued by the NYSBA Committee on Professional Ethics  
New York Automobile Insurance Plan Manual Plan for those insureds who are unable to obtain auto insurance in the voluntary market  
Medicare/Medicaid Manual From the US Department of Health and Human Services  

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