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Program exists to assist those can not afford to hire a lawyer but who need legal help. Our mission is to provide legal services in the six counties listed below. Our programs are still under development so help may be more limited while we grow.

There are two ways to find out what legal services may be available to you. You can click on the county you live in to see what legal services our Program may offer in your county. Or, you can use the web site links listed below to locate other legal services offered by other programs, and to locate legal forms and information about various areas of law.


Our program

If you live in Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida, or Onondaga Counties and you have a civil legal problem, call our office and speak to the receptionist. The receptionist will determine if you have a legal problem and how our office might help you.

If you live in Oswego County there is a free walk-in clinic each Friday from 2-4pm, County Office Building, 46 East Bridge Street. A volunteer attorney staffs that clinic. Referrals to other attorneys may be made for more complicated legal needs. If unable to attend the Clinic, call (315) 806-6164 to find out if other arrangements can be made.


Other legal help

This web site has links to free legal services in your community, learn about your legal rights, get information about the courts, and more.

Link to the Onondaga County Bar Association's Community Program’s page. Listed here are many of the projects the Bar Association supports and promotes, some of them are free.

This is the litigants section of the New York State Unified Court System’s web site. Provides many different resources for people who are not lawyers such as law libraries, information about the law and about lawyers and legal forms.

This is the New York State Bar Association’s Public Resources web site page. You can find lawyers, learn about client rights, access pamphlets and legal forms, watch videos about the law and much more.
NYS Bar Association's Public Resources

New York State Bar Association offers free videos on different legal subjects.

Library of Congress guide to law online.

Online legal dictionary.

Municipal codes on the internet (by city/town. Not all towns have an online code.

The American Bar Association is a nation wide association of lawyers. This web site provides a wide variety of information about the law for the public.

This organization seeks to help attorneys who want to help those without an attorney to better be able to represent themselves. This page is for the public and provides a number of links to various legal web sites that might help someone who must represent themselves.


Language Help

We provide free, trained interpreters for people with limited ability in English and people with hearing impairments. All phones have voice/TDD access and access to interpreters in over 150 languages. We will provide you with a free, trained interpreter face-to-face or by phone when you visit.