Clinton County Courthouse

     Clinton County
     by Hon. Penelope Clute
     40 pages


     Clinton County was created in 1788 in a split from Washington County. Samuel de Champlain first explored the region
     in 1609, and Europeans began to settle in the area in 1763. The County's legal history includes many notable figures,
     including Chancellor Reuben Walworth.

     Dutchess County Courthouse

     Dutchess County
     by Hon. Albert M. Rosenblatt
     49 pages


     Dutchess County's rich legal history includes one of America's greatest presidents, one of his challangers, a Supreme
     Court Justice and numerous figures key to the development of the law in New York. Poughkeepsie, the county seat,
     was home to New York's signing of the US Constitution, generally considered the event that secured ratification of that

     Erie County Courthouse

     Erie County
     by Hon. Eugene M. Fahey
     80 pages


     Erie County gave two presidents to the United States, hosted a presidential inauguration, saw the trial of a presidential
     assassin, and was home to a Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. The County‚Äôs deep and rich legal history
     dates to the War of 1812, and involved in that history are figures of note in significant events including the Nuremburg
     Trials and the marriage equality movement.

     Franklin County Courthouse

     Franklin County
     by Hon. Penelope Clute
     29 pages


     Franklin County formed in 1808 after a separation from Clinton County. The courthouse in the county seat of Malone
     features paintings by Elvira Hosson which illustrate major moments in the County's legal history. These paintings
     include Wolf Bounty Scandal, a depiction of the practice of using a single wolf's head to collect multiple bounties, and
     Moment of Terror, a recreation of the scene of Orrando Dexter's murder.

      Rockland County Courthouse

     Rockland County
     by Ilya Schwartzburg & Hon. Mary Kay Vyskocil
     30 pages


     What began as a rural farming region was transformed into a sprawling suburb of New York City, Rockland County was
     formally established in 1798. However, its legal history began earlier than tha, during the Revolutionary War. George
     Washington kept his headquarters in Ramapo, and Rockland County became the site of John André's trial for conspiring
     with Benedict Arnold.

     Westchester County Courthouse

     Westchester County
     by David Goodwin
     66 pages


     Westchester County's Rye is the site of Chief Justice John Jay's boyhood home, and Katonah is the site of his
     retirement homestead. However, John Jay is not where the legal history of Westchester County begins and ends; the
     County was also home to legal luminaries including Gouvernor Morris, a contemporary of Jay, and Court of Appeals
     Judge Jacob D. Fuchsberg.

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