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Promoting Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts


The Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission was established in June 1991 to educate and advise decision makers in the New York Court System on issues affecting both employees and litigants of color; and to implement recommendations developed to address said issues.


25 Beaver St.
New York, NY 10004

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Commission's 20th Anniversary Celebration

Former Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye with Hon. Lewis Douglass (Immediate Past Chair of the Commission)
Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman with Hon. Rose H. Sconiers,
Chair of the Commission

In June 2011, The Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission celebrated its 20th anniversary. The NYS Commission on Minorities originally was established in 1988, to conduct a comprehensive study on minority participation in the courts and the legal profession, as well as perceptions regarding the treatment of minorities in the courts. Following the issuance of its report in 1991, the Commission was renamed in memory of its first chair. It became a permanent part of the court system and began pursuing implementation of its equal employment goals and related proposals.

On June 28th, original members and staff of the Commission reunited with members of the current Commission to celebrate 20 years of its positive impact on the advancement of people of color in the courts, and for promoting cultural diversity and sensitivity.

Franklin H. Williams addressing the Court of Appeals
on behalf of the NYS Commission on Minorities.

"…as we look to the new century, creation of an atmosphere without even the appearance of racial bias must be the prime objective of our courts…we should not open the wound unless we are prepared to heal it."
Franklin H. Williams



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