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Motion Support

All motions filed in Queens Supreme Court - Civil Term, must adhere to the rules of the Centralized Motion Part



ROOM 140
718 298-1009


Responsive Papers

Motion Support does not process or forward responsive papers including cross motions.:


Memorandum Decision

Memorandum decisions are filed with the county clerk awaiting submission of a proposed order or judgment to the Motion Support Office. Counsel are advised to adhere to NYCRR 202.48 regarding the submission or settlement of their proposed order or judgment. Counsel are also asked to attach a copy of the memorandum to their proposed order or judgment.


Submission of Proposed Orders and Judgments With Motions on Notice

Counsel are advised when submitting proposed orders or judgments with motions on notice, to keep proposed orders or proposed judgments separate and apart from the motions papers. Proposed orders or judgments incorporated within the motion papers will be considered exhibits and treated as such.

Counsel are asked not to submit or settle multiple proposed orders or judgments.


Conforming of Orders and Judgments

Court personnel are not authorized to conform copies of orders or judgments. The accuracy of conformed copies rests with counsel. Certified copies may be obtained at the Court Clerk's office for a fee.


Trial Preference

All applications for trial preference must be made via motion through the Motion Support Office.


Inquiries regarding Centralized Motion Part

Persons seeking information on motions calendared for the Centralized Motion Part must contact the Centralized Motion Part (718) 298-1729. If you need to check the status of a motion, please check e-courts for status information. Anyone calling the Motion Support Office will be advised to contact Centralized Motion Department.

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