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Supreme Court, State of New York
Appellate Division, Second Department
45 Monroe Place Brooklyn, NY 11201


General Clerk's Office

For information regarding:

  • Whether an appeal or proceeding has been calendared
  • Whether an appeal, proceeding, or motion has been decided
  • The court's rules
  • Other appellate practice issues

Email questions to:

Or call (718) 722-6324


Active Case Management

For information & assistance regarding cases involving:

  • Termination of parental rights
  • Adoptions
  • Custody and visitation of children
  • Other Family Court cases

Email questions to:

Ph (718) 722-6488 / 6487
Fx (212) 401-9214


Attorney Matters

For information regarding:

  • Certificates of Good Standing
  • Attorney name change applications
  • Disciplinary proceedings

Email questions to:

Ph (718) 722-6335
Fx (646) 963-6587


Calendar Department

For information regarding:

The calendaring of appeals & proceedings (other than the calendar date)

Email questions to:

Or call (718) 722-6312 or (718) 722-6513
Fx (646) 963-6460


Clerk of the Court

To provide comments and suggestions regarding service at the Appellate Division, 2nd Department


Ph (718) 722-6307
Fx (212) 419-8457


Court Security

Ph (718) 722-6480


Deputy Clerk's Office

For information regarding:

  • Applications for an enlargement of time to perform acts required by the court's rules
  • Appellate procedure
  • Orders to show cause

Ph (718) 722-6308
Fx (212) 419-8457


Emergency Applications during nonbusiness hours

A justice of the Court is available to entertain emergency applications 9AM to 5PM each and every business day. If, however, a situation arises where an application is of an emergency nature and its presentation cannot await business hours, please use the following contact method.

Ph (718) 875-1300


Motion Department

For information regarding:

  • Motions, including requests for adjournment of motions
  • Withdrawal of appeals

Email questions to:
Email questions about Enlargements of Time to:

Ph (718) 722-6319
Fx (212) 401-9114


Orientation to the Profession Program

For information regarding:

This program which is mandatory for admission to practice after January 1, 2006

Email questions to:

Ph (718) 923-6360



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