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Last Name First Name Comments
Cohen David  
D'Auguste James  
Kennedy Tanya R. Supervising Judge
Kotler Lynn R.  
Lebovits Gerald  
Padilla Jose  
Samuels Debra S.  
Schecter Jennifer  


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Last Name First Name Comments
Boddie Reginald A.  
Cohen Devin P.  
Dear Noach  
Edwards Genine D.  
Feinman Carol  
Fisher Pamela L.  
Garson Robin S.  
Joseph Ingrid  
Levine Katherine A.  
Mostofsky Steven Z.  
Ottley Lisa S. Supervising Judge
Sheares Robin K.  
Thompson Harriet  
Tisch Alexander  
Wade Carolyn E.  


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Last Name First Name Comments
Buggs Cheree A.  
Esposito Joseph Supervising Judge
Latin Richard G.  
Leverett Ulysses  
Love Larry  
O'Connor Terrence C.  
Orlow Jodi  
Unger Sally  
Velasquez Carmen R.  
Viscovich William A.  


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Last Name First Name Comments
Alpert Paul L.  
Cannataro Anthony  
Capella Joseph  
Douglas Laura Supervising Judge
Franco Rueben  
Goetz Paul  
McShan Eddie  
Miles Donald A.  
Taylor Elizabeth A.  


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Last Name First Name Comments
Ciccotto Theresa  
Marrazzo, Jr. Orlando  
Straniere Phillip S.  


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Adler Harold Supreme Criminal   Bronx County
Bannon Nancy Supreme Civil   New York County
Bluth Arlene Supreme Civil   New York County
Bruce Raymond Supreme Criminal   Bronx County
Cannataro Tony Civil Court   Bronx County
Chan Margaret Supreme Civil   New York County
Chin-Brandt Dorothy Criminal Court   Queens County
Crane Melissa Criminal Court   New York County
Dominguez Denise Criminal Court   New York County
Edwards Erica Criminal Court   New York County
Engoron Arthur Supreme Civil   New York County
Feinman Carol Civil Court   Kings County
Freed Kathryn  Supreme Civil   New York County
Friedman Marcy Supreme Civil   New York County
Geotz Paul Civil Court   Bronx County
Jaffe Barbara  Supreme Civil   New York County
Kelly John Family Court   Bronx County
Kelly Shawn Criminal Court   Bronx County
Katz,  Michael Family Court   Kings County
Kennedy Tanya AJSC ,  Supervising Judge   New York County
Kenney  Joan Supreme Civil   New York County
Masley Andrea Supreme Civil   New York County
Michels Shari Criminal Court   Bronx County
Nervo Frank Supreme , Court Civil  New York County
O'Shea Ann Family Court   Kings County
Perry Franc Family Court   Kings County
Poust-Lopez Linda Criminal Court   Bronx County
Rakower Eileen Supreme Civil   New York County
Ramirez Leticia Family Court   Kings County
Ramseur Dakota Criminal Court   Bronx County
Reed Robert Supreme Court  New York County
Rosado Mary Criminal Court   Bronx County
Sattler Lori Supreme Civil   New York. County
Saunders Verna Criminal Court   Bronx County
Sharpe Carol Criminal Court   Bronx County
Silvera Adam Acting Justice   Family Court Kings
Stallman Michael Supreme Civil   New York County
Sokoloff Lisa Criminal Court   New York County
Tisch Alexander Civil Court   Kings County
Wright Geoffrey Supreme Civil  New York County
Pitchal Erik AJFC ,  Family Court   Bronx County
Johnson Laura Criminal Court   Kings County
Barbato Ben Supreme Civil   Bronx County
Danziger Mitchell Supreme Civil   Bronx County
Gonzalez Doris Supreme Criminal   Bronx County
Gonzalez Lizbeth Supreme Court   Bronx County
Green Stanley Supreme Civil   Bronx County
Montano Armando Criminal Court   Bronx County
Rosado Llinet Family Court   Bronx County
Walker Edgar Supreme Criminal   Bronx County
Wilson John Criminal Court   Kings County
Wilson Kim Criminal Court   Kings County
Arriaga Frederick  Supreme Civil   Kings County
Baily-Schiffman Loren Supreme Civil   Kings County
Ciccotto Theresa Civil Court   Richmond County
Douglas Dena Criminal Court   Kings County
Gerstein Michael Criminal Court   Kings County
Hudson Sharen Criminal Court  Kings County
King Kathy Supreme Civil   Kings County
Laporte Evelyn AJSC Criminal Court   Kings County
Montelione Richard Criminal Court Kings County
Pickett Geraldine Criminal Court   Kings County
Silber Debra Supreme Civil   Kings County
Simpson ShawnDya Criminal Court   Kings County
Sweeney Peter Supreme Civil   Kings County
Walker Craig Criminal Court   Kings County
Williams Jacqueline Criminal Court   Kings County
Bing Tracey AFCJ ,  Family Court  Bronx County
Boyar Diana Criminal Court   NY County
Fasanya Adetokunbo AFCJ ,  Family Court   New York County
Peterson Laurie Criminal Court   New York County
Caloras Robert Family Court   Queens County
Culley Anna AJSC ,  Supreme Court   Queens County
Hawkins David Criminal Court   Queens County
Healy Maureen AJSC , Supreme Court  Queens County
Lebwohl Dennis Family Court   Queens County
Thompson Harriet Civil Court   Kings County
Golia Donna Criminal Court   Queens County
Dollard Kim ASCJ
Panepinto Barbara ASCJ ,  Supreme Court Richmond County


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