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In General

In General

In addition to the main civil division of the Court, and the Small Claims Part, the Civil Court of the City of New York has a Housing Part devoted to actions and proceedings involving the enforcement of state and local laws for the establishment and maintenance of housing standards. The Housing Part has jurisdiction of summary proceedings, and in addition to judgments of possession, can award a judgment for rent in any amount.

The kinds of cases filed in the Landlord-Tenant Housing Part Office and decided in the Housing Court, include the following:

1. Residential Holdover Proceedings
2. Residential Non-Payment Proceedings
3. RPAPL Section 7A actions
4. Post-Eviction proceedings
5. Housing Part Proceedings (HP)

Read about the various types of cases on our Legal and Procedural Information sections.

When a residential proceeding is filed in the courthouse it is assigned to a Resolution Part. Refer to the Resolution Part to learn more about the Part. When the case is ready for trial, it is sent Trial Part. The only exceptions are HP cases which are assigned to the HP Part and the presiding Housing Court Judge handles all matters in the case, including trials. For more information on trials, go to How to Prepare for a Landlord-Tenant Trial.

Most residential landlord and tenant matters are handled by Housing Judges. For information about Housing Court Judges’ profiles, assignments or part rules, refer to Judges.

However, some landlord and tenant matters are handled in Part I (also known as the Integrated Part). Part I is a Special Part located in the New York County Civil Court. Cases are transferred into Part I when a tenant living in New York County is the subject of both a Civil Court, Housing Part case and a Supreme Court, Article 81 Guardianship case. Upon transfer, both cases are combined and adjudicated by an Acting Supreme Court Justice.

The Housing Part also offers litigants the opportunity to visit a Housing Court Counselor in the Civil Court’s Help Center for free legal information. The Help Center also offers an array of free materials, pamphlets and videos on a variety of housing questions for both landlords and tenants. More information and hours of operation is available at the Help Center. The Housing Part also offers free consultations for landlords and tenants with Volunteer Lawyers.




















































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