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Effective 10/14/2014, in New York County Civil Court, in the special term part there will only be one calendar call at 10:00 a.m. and only one calendar call at 10:15 a.m. for parts 11, 11c, 14, 34, 34c, 35 & 35c. The calendar calls will be heard in room 325 for all scheduled cases in parts 11, 11c, 14, 34, 34c, 35 & 35c and in room 428 for special term and name change cases. Special term and name change cases will be heard in room 428 (4th floor) and all cases scheduled for parts 11, 11c, 14, 34, 34c, 35 & 35c will be heard in room 325 (3rd floor). There will also be a new trial part for ready cases that will be heard in room 950.

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The Civil Court of the City of New York has jurisdiction over civil cases involving amounts up to $25,000 and other civil matters referred to it by the Supreme Court. It includes a small claims part for informal dispositions of matters not exceeding $5,000 and a landlord and tenant/housing part for landlord-tenant matters of unlimited amounts and housing code violations.


























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